2_19_2022, 2_04_00 PM


"Every day is CHOOSE-day" -- Linda Potgieter 

Recently I've discovered a beautiful mentor, Linda Potgieter, businesswoman, wife, mother and life coach in South Africa. She is a strong, gorgeous woman of faith who has a passion for honoring and motivating women of all ages and life stages to "Get up, Dress up, and Go Be a Bold Light on a Hill." Her Facebook page,  Dress to Connect has thousands of members. I recommend every Ransomed Beauty follow her there. She also offers a personal coaching program with weekly live coaching classes, called LindaPaige (named for her eight-year old daughter -- that beautiful one in the photos above), The Power of Personal Style - Confidence Red.

Through her hard-earned wisdom and life experience, Linda teaches women to celebrate their beauty and to overcome the religious strongholds that have often held women of faith captive and relegated to the background. She challenges them to shift their focus from "themselves and their cellulite" to others and how they can help women everywhere develop "confidence red" and showcase the beauty within them. "Your self acceptance and self confidence will raise others to do the same. Therein lies your influence on this world." Her favorite quote is, "If there ever comes a time when the women of the world come together purely and simply for the benefit of mankind, it will be a force such as the world has never known" (Matthew Arnold). I am learning so much from this powerful woman who believes that woman can be BOLD and BRAVE and BEAUTIFUL and GENTLE at the same time -- and that we are "complex" creatures made with a "heavenly blueprint." 

Now more than ever I want to become that transformed fully engaged woman of confidence, beauty and wisdom  -- the "Jesus Girl" who has made herself ready for the last great revival at the end of the age. I believe we're there. Untold millions of newborn baby Christians are about to spill out all over the earth and we need to be strong and fit enough to raise them!  

Every day is "CHOOSE-day." I'm in. How about you?