Prayer for women comes naturally. Like childbirth, birthing the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven is not only our privilege, it is our responsibility. A glorious partnership with the Holy Spirit to download the will and purposes of God and speak them into the earth. Spirit to spirit. Heart to heart.

Praying in Perilous Times

Riots in the streets. Hatred. Shootings. Looting. How is one to pray? There is no reasoning with evil. We are way past listening. Way past talking. When people are in agreement with the wrong spirit there is no common ground. Judging situationaly out of the spirit of offense will only keep things in 

So, where can we agree?

We can agree on the Word of God. "It is written..." is our prayer of agreement. When we agree with God we can't go wrong.

Corporate Prayer

How do we pray for the youth culture today. The civil unrest, the violence in the streets, the unhealthy alliances we see taking advantage of the passion and energy of our Youth. Here's a great link. "30 Day Prayers for Our Nation's Youth"

Personal Prayer

There is a plan for your life. A destiny. A "book" written by God about you. If you're like me you don't want to miss one jot or tittle of it. And while you and I can't fulfill the promises of God -- only He can -- we can inquire of the Lord the beautiful story He has written about us and get into agreement with it. Dreams. Visions. Beauty. Joy. the Garment of Praise for impossible imaginings. The desires of the heart placed there by the Creator Himself.

When you "pray your list" today, make an addition. The plan God has written about you.