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Babies are Pro-Life

I'm Pro-Life

Everyone has a choice. Everyone has a voice. Except maybe those who are affected by our choices and voices. Like the Unborn. We Ransomed Beauties are a gaggle of women of all ages and life stages -- wives, moms, daughters, & aunties -- who love Jesus, babies, and Ransomed Beauties everywhere. It's time our Babies had a Choice and a Voice. Here's how we can help.

Awareness for the Unborn

While working for a local pregnancy resource center, someone sent us a Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon. When I pulled it out of the envelope it was UPSIDE DOWN. Immediately I SAW a baby in the womb. I knew God had given me this unique perspective for an AWARENESS RIBBON for the UNBORN. The idea sat on a shelf for years -- although every now and then I tried to make it come together. None of the manufacturers caught the vision. Couldn't agree on a graphic. The investment was too great for a trial run -- that sort of thing.

Recently I got the "tug" again. You know, when God is giving you a little push? When it's His timing, He won't leave you alone.

It took a while, but FINALLY, I found the right tools and folks to design the Awareness for the Unborn just as I saw it in the spirit that day.

Finally! It's Here!

YOU can be an AMBASSADOR for the Unborn!


JUST LIKE, COMMENT, & SHARE our Facebook Post, "I'm Pro-Life," on our Ransomed Beauty page.

When you do I'll send you a FREE Static Cling Awareness Ribbon for your window or car.

Meanwhile, check out other I'm Pro-Life products in the Ransomed Beauty Store. You can be a WALKING BILLBOARD for the Unborn. Perfect for PERSONAL GIFTS, FUNDRAISERS, TRADE SHOWS, PROMOS, DONOR REWARDS.

Proceeds go to support Pregnancy Resource Centers, Domestic Violence Safe Houses, and Human Trafficking Rescues all over the U. S.

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