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Two Weeks in Summer,Tomatoes, White Bread, and Duke's

Sometimes "Nourishing" has more to do with "Nurturing" than the healthy fueling of the body. Nothing says summer to a southerner than thick slices of tomatoes, hot from the vine, slapped between two pieces of white bread slathered with mayonnaise. Duke's to be precise if you're a true southern girl.


Summertime for us girls, my little sisters, Diane and Susan, meant two weeks with the cousins at our aunt and uncle's farm in Caroline County. Jewel always had a garden and we roamed through in the early morning and evening munching raw corn and biting straight into a juicy tomato or two. Uncle Miles let us ride in the back of trucks and trailers on country roads and all through the bumpy terrain of corn and soy bean fields. We had not a care in the world. The sun wore us out if the running and playing didn't and we came back every night to fried chicken, fresh corn, green beans, and tomatoes. Sleep came easy.


We always came home to Richmond with a sack full of vegetables at the end of our "vacation." Thinking back, it was surely more of a vacation for my parents -- two weeks without kids!! -- but we had a blast. Those tomatoes would be lunch with Mama for a week. White bread, Dukes, a little salt and pepper and it was on. A hand-held taste of summer ready to drip down your face. Eat it and smile.

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Miles Stewart Terrell.