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Hi, I'm Lynn. Glad you stopped in today.


I've been in love with Jesus since I was seventeen. We met in a whirlwind of time in the late 60s known as "The Jesus Movement." Two bonafide hippies saved my life that fall day in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western Virginia. And He's been saving it ever since.  

I knew a little about him from my Methodist Sunday School class in Richmond, Virginia, where I awoke one night to a heavenly visitation -- no, not a dream -- a heavenly encounter with Jesus in the back bedroom of my home in Richmond, Virginia at the age of seven. Words were spoken that day that gave me a glimpse into things to come. Hints like Noah on a cloud with a dozen animals, down at me. It would me much later -- at the age of 27 -- when I would have a clue that Noah has something to do with the Last Days and my part on the planet has something to do with that timeframe. Good to know, since it's been a long walk and I was beginning to wonder...


But look around now and it's getting clear. We're very close, if not smack in the middle of, what the Bible calls "The Days of Noah," when the world is wicked and people are hard=hearted, and there is confusion and disaster all around us. And we could get all embroiled in the cause or just turn it all over to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, trusting He will tell us what to do and say and how to agree with whatever His take is on it all. That's my final conclusion. I can't do anything when I see the world turn upside down and everything resembles the rumblings of a police state and talk of deep state and who knows what all that means. People talk about a new normal or going back to the old normal. I want to go back to Jesus. That seventeen year old girl who fell in love on a crisp fall day and followed Him to the ends of the earth. I'm still following. I don't want to stop, turn around and have to spit out orders to my fellow Americans, or my fellow Christians, I'm not going to cover my head and refuse to engage, but I am going to engage as a partner with the Holy Spirit to do and say what I hear the Father do and say. That's my part. And to be of good cheer. Really, Jesus? "In this world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." Now, He said that before the cross, which was to him as good as done, because He knew He would. He knew His destiny, so it was a good marker to just say it, "I HAVE overcome the world." Some have followed the threats and spits of the media and have literally been scared to death by the impending demonic coronavirus. Others have been just as frightened at the plausible deep state theories. what are we to believe? Believe Jesus. He said he had overcome the world with its tribulation. And so I do.



Lynn Thomas is a Believer whose background in promotions, large-scale event planning, and stage and television production led her to work on staff for local and international ministries all over the country for over thirty years. Lynn is passionate about leading women to an intimate encounter with the Holy Spirit in their daily lives in ways that lead to personal transformation. She is committed to exploring how God calls people to use their gifts and how the church can best serve the world with creativity and joy. Her greatest delight is watching a God-dream unfold in the life of a Believer – the larger story the “Dream Whisperer” Himself has written about his Jesus Girls. Lynn has a strong desire to help women discover that dream and walk it out. Spend any time at all with her and you’ll be asked this question, “So… what is your dream?"




​A published author with “a string of words in the pipeline,” Lynn enjoys writing daily in her 1930s original Craftsman “Writing Cottage.” Among her interests is reading, studying the Word, and entertaining friends with good food, good music and great conversation. And somewhere there will always be torn paper, paint, glue, puppy dogs, mud pies, kid-size short people, and other messy pastimes. But her greatest joy is watching a God-dream unfold in the life of a Believer – the larger story the “Dream Whisperer” Himself has written about his Jesus Girls. She has a passionate desire to help Believers discover that dream and walk it out. Spend any time at all with Lynn and you will hear this question, “So… what is your dream?"



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