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J. Lynn Thomas


Believer. Worshiper. Storyteller. Dream Whisperer.

Lynn is a Believer with a heart to see the daughters of God unleashed into passionate friendship with Jesus and a joyful, effective, fulfilling lifestyle built on relationship, community, and cheering others to say yes to their dreams. Through her ministry, Ransomed Beauty, she teaches intimacy with Jesus — how to recognize the voice of the Beloved and be able to live and move in step with him and see themselves as the absolutely perfect Bride of Christ they were always meant to be.


Lynn has worked both on staff and as a “hair-on-fire” volunteer for mega-churches, small churches, international ministries and para-ministries all over the country for over thirty years. One thing is certain: Lynn knows church. ​It was through this experience she became aware of how few women were living the God-dream in their hearts. She recently launched a fulltime venture, Apple Dare Dreamfunding to jumpstart the dreams and creative ideas of believers through start-up grants. Inspired by Josiah’s Fire, the testimony of a young autistic boy and his unique encounters with Jesus, Josiah Culley tells of the God-sized dreams, or “Apples” the Dream Whisperer “dares” His children to receive and believe. The dreams must be impossible to qualify as Apple Dares. They require the partnership of the Holy Spirit and much prayer. Apple Dare Dreamfunding is one such apple dare. Through partnership with Christian organizations, businesses, everyday believers, and “Jesus Girls,” funds are gathered to make these Apple Dares come true.




​A published author with “a string of words in the pipeline,” Lynn enjoys writing daily in her 1930s original Craftsman “Writing Cottage.” Among her interests is reading, studying the Word, and entertaining friends with good food, good music and great conversation. And somewhere there will always be torn paper, paint, glue, puppy dogs, mud pies, kid-size short people, and other messy pastimes. But her greatest joy is watching a God-dream unfold in the life of a Believer – the larger story the “Dream Whisperer” Himself has written about his Jesus Girls. She has a passionate desire to help Believers discover that dream and walk it out. Spend any time at all with Lynn and you will hear this question, “So… what is your dream?"