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Welcome, Ransomed Beauty!  I'm glad you've stopped in today.

If you're old enough, you may remember this Janis Ian song,


"I learned the truth at seventeen,

That love was meant for beauty queens."


Can anybody relate?


Beauty. That elusive quality that makes one desirable. Lovable. Confident. Sought after. Valuable. Did you know that Beauty is one of the four innate longings of the human soul? But if we only knew it, as God's creation and the intended Bride of Christ we already are.


"Behold, you are beautiful, my love; behold, you are beautiful..." (SS 1:15)

How different would life have been if we had known that as little girls? Or as teens, young mothers, wives, single women, or widows? We are beautiful -- in every age and life stage. Uniquely crafted. Absolutely perfect in the eyes of our love-struck, enamored Savior, Jesus.

Ransomed Beauty is a place to remind you of just that -- You are beautiful. Absolutely perfect. Uniquely you. And Jesus, the Bridegroom, is head-over-heels smitten with you.

So join us as we live the Love life -- journeying together in a whirlwind romance with our wild-at-heart Beloved, Jesus. We'll share Jesus Girl stories, tips, testimonies, and recipes, of course.

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Lynn experienced a life-altering encounter with Jesus at the age of seven, but it was not until she was seventeen that He so captured her heart and swamped her with His overwhelming love that she gave herself completely to loving Him and serving His church. With a mandate at twenty-seven to "Get to know My Church," Lynn devoted much of her career to serving on staff and as a "Mach 5 hair on fire" volunteer in local churches, national ministries, and mega-churches across the United States for over thirty years. And although she holds a degree in Theology, she credits her real education to “... the board rooms and the back rooms” of these churches and para-ministries. One thing is certain: Lynn knows church.


Lynn is the author of several children's books, one published by Grace Publications and others by Hardwired Global, Inc., an international organization that promotes religious freedom. For many years she was a member of Jerry Jenkins’ Writer’s Guild and is a current student of the Jerry Jenkins Novel Blueprint Course. Recently she decided to pursue the Masters in Theology at Oral Roberts University. Her current work, Slave Trade, Ransomed Beauty, Rescued Bride, explores the post-resurrection relationship of Jesus and His Bride, for whom he gave “…beauty for ashes"…; the ultimate “slave trade”.


​A published author with “a string of words in the pipeline,” Lynn enjoys writing daily in her 1930s original Craftsman “Writing Cottage,” in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Among other interests she enjoys reading, studying the Word, and entertaining friends with good food, good music, and great conversation in her cut flower and herb kitchen garden. And somewhere along the way, there is sure to be torn paper, paint, glue, puppy dogs, mud pies, kid-size humans, and other messy pastimes which she shares with her sweet and sassy yellow Lab, Sugar, affectionately known as "Shugacookie".