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J. Lynn Thomas


Believer, Worshiper, Story Teller, Dream Whisperer

Lynn is a Believer with a heart to see the sons and daughters of God unleashed into a passionate friendship with Jesus and an effective supernatural lifestyle. Through her ministry, "Ransomed Beauty," she teaches intimacy and how to hear the "certain sound" of the voice of the Beloved, which birthed from a hunger for an authentic, real, and powerful relationship with Jesus.

A native of Richmond, Virginia, Lynn has worked both on staff and as a hair-on-fire volunteer for mega-churches and international ministries all over the country for over thirty years. She is the published author of a children's series, "Uncommon Wisdom," the second of which is expected to be released this year.

Through her close relationship with church life, Lynn observed many Christians living life plagued with anxiety and fear. Following three profound encounters with the Holy Spirit, she now lives with the mandate to teach the revelation she calls "Slave Trade -- the Ultimate Exchange." She is currently working on a nonfiction book by that title, and a novel called Dove Hunt, about a young woman trapped in human trafficking and her rescue and transformation by Jesus, who ransoms His promised Bride.

Currently Lynn is serving on staff at a local church. But most days after hours you'll find her writing books, blogs, and recording her podcast, "Mrs. Wisdom Reads a Story," in her 1930 original Craftsman cottage. On weekends her favorite pastime is hosting gatherings with friends and family in her herb and cut-flower garden kitchen.


Lynn’s loves reading, writing, good food, good music and great conversation with friends. And somewhere there will be torn paper, paint, and glue, puppy dogs, children, or other messy pastimes. But her greatest joy is watching a God-dream unfold in the life of a Believer – the larger story the “Dream Whisperer” Himself has written about each of His kids. She has a passionate desire to help Believers discover that dream and walk it out. Spend any time at all with Lynn and you will hear this question, “So… what is your dream?"