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J.D. Charcuterie


noun \ˈtrīb\

  1. 1.

    a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader.

Finding our tribe means linking with like-minded folks sharing their best ideas, good books, edgy, exciting, anointed music, real women beauty campaigns and like-causes. Here is where I'll be listing mine.



I've just gotta say I have some TALENTED friends.  Smart business owners who make their own rules and create their own futures like a BOSS. This year I'm shopping small. But I'm getting a BIG BANG for my buck!

If YOU have a small home enterprise you'd like to promote on this website, just send me the link and a brief description and I'm on it!



marsha lee hart - color cuts & Highlights

marsha lee hart.png

Meet my friend Marsha Lee Hart. Talk about a girl with dreams!  For over a decade Marsha was driving a school bus (affectionately known as "The Big Cheese"). She worked after hours from her West End home salon and dreamed of a time when her business would be her life. Now, Marsha's dream was more than a full-time salon business. She planned her DREAM HOME, believed God for her DREAM GUY, and expanded her vision of a DREAM SALON to include a DREAM BOUTIQUE, where she would sell merchandise and support other entrepreneurs. She wanted her place to feel like a comfortable, kick-off-your-shoes, relax, and be pampered family home. With complimentary coffee and hot tea tucked into its own little nook, her clients sip and relax on cushy sofas and chairs, while Rocco, Security Dog, guards and supervises the clientele. And with lots of prayers and hard work, guess what? DREAMS COME TRUE.

Marsha's DREAM SALON & BOUTIQUE is hosted in her DREAM HOME in Montpelier, where she and her DREAM GUY reside. Come see! She's the best! My personal stylist! You'll be blessed.

Leetah & lillian -- sparkly jewelry et al

Leetah and Lillian.png

Meet my friend Leetah Stanley and daughter Lillian. This lovely duo is a mother-daughter team of independent business owners who have discovered a fun and glitzy way to make friends and build a successful enterprise selling BLING!!

Find their Facebook group, Leetah and Lillian's L&L Sparklebaby VIP Group, and join in their LIVE shows each Monday and Thursday night. (These are sooo much fun!)

Everything is $5 and will be mailed to you weekly for a flat $4.50 postage fee.

Christmas shopping? DONE!

Shop Leetah & Lil's website:

made by megan -- t-shirt Blankets


Meet my friend Megan Tatum Miller. Megan got the idea to make her first t-shirt blanket the summer she turned 20.  Megan wanted to find a way to turn her old clothes into something other than a pile in the back of her closet. 

When she made her own blanket, Megan discovered there was so much leftover t-shirt material that most people probably throw away. She turned the extra material into a "one for one" passion project and made a blanket for the Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU.  For every blanket that is ordered through this small business, at least one blanket is donated to the hospital. 


The Powhatan Card Lady -- handmade greeting cards


Several years ago I invited my baby sister, Susan Pfeiffer, to attend a Stampin' Up Party and lo and behold she found her niche! Over the years she has become skilled in handmade card creations of all sorts! She keeps her prices reasonable (although I am forever encouraging her to increase the price -- knowing the time she takes with each one)


Compared to Hallmark, she's hands down better. And for around the same price. Incredible deal. Shop for all occasions.  Find her on Facebook at Powhatan Card Lady. Message her for Christmas cards. 

Check out her sale site here: powhatancardlady

photographs by sabrina


My friend Sabrina Hoffmeyer is a lifestyle portrait photographer in Mechanicsville, Virginia & capturing your beautiful life is what she loves.

Welcoming a newborn? Celebrating your graduating senior? Basking in the blessing of a growing family? Marrying your forever love? Capturing your parents golden years?

This is your legacy and she will be honored & blessed to be your family's photographer.

Find Sabrina on Facebook at Photography by Sabrina Hoffmeyer or contact her on her website PhotographybySabrina

Flower Forte

flower forte.jackie2.jpg

My friend Jackie Beasley had a dream. And she didn't stop until she saw it come alive. A flower farm in rural Virginia where she could get her hands dirty and make beautiful creations in her woodsy acres of blooms.

Flower Forte' is a full-service florist.Right now it's wedding season and Jackie is busy creating, and dream-whispering to all her brides. She also does a monthly cut flower service, where you can come to the farm and take home an armful of beautiful blooms to place all over your home. Order at 804-591-8827! Learn more about Jackie at flowerforte. You can also find Flower Forte' on Facebook.

J.D.'s Butcher Boards

J.D. Charcuterie.jpg

My friend Lynda Somers Donahue's husband J. D. makes these exquisite butcher boards, featured in last month's Gathering section for Charcuteries. Contact J. D.'s Facebook page as listed below.


Jewel McChesney -- Artist

Jewel mc bride.jpg

My friend Jewell McChesney was the featured artist in the first blog in the series Beauty Will Save the World, published in late November.

Jewel is a prophetic and intuitive painter in acrylics on canvas, a poet, intercessor, author, and daughter of God. Her paintings have showcased in art shows across the country. Jewel's art may be obtained through her online store at Jewell McChesney/Redbubble.

Real Beauty

Books Worth Reading

Beauty Will Save the World, Brian Zahnd

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo

The Perfect You: A Blueprint for Identity, Dr. Caroline Leaf

Becoming Myself, Staci Eldridge

Guest Photographers

Shane Harris, King William County, VA,  snapped the gorgeous butterfly on my Home Page slideshow and black/white window and old church on Home Page. Great shots, Shane! Shane has quite the eye. 

Guest Blogger & Ministry

Grace & Truth, International

David and Kelly Krause

9.30.2020 Blog, "Beauty Will Save the World." The featured artist is Jewel McChesney, of Remlap, Alabama. Jewel is a prophetic and intuitive painter in acrylics on canvas, a poet, intercessor, author, and daughter of God. Her paintings have showcased in art shows across the country. Jewel's art may be obtained through her online store at Redbubble.

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