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Eureka! I have found it! 


The BEST de-cluttering regime I've ever run across. 'Can't wait to get started! The book is called: 



The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, by Marie Kondo.


WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT the EASY way to declutter was ALL AT ONCE!! For years I've been plugging away at books, out of season clothes, kitchenware/catering "stuff" I no longer use. The KEY is keeping only what you LOVE. And to find out what you love, you must pull it all out at once, CATEGORY BY CATEGORY and look each piece in the eye. If it still makes you HAPPY it stays. If not, it has served its day and is ready for the discard or donate pile.


Now, for all my sisters in Christ, this is not a "Christian" author, but I must say throwing out clutter is certainly a lot like casting off care and getting free. I saw many parallels to my own daily walk which I feel 

sure will come out on a blog when the "piles" have been discarded.


Here's the order she recommends:






     (includes kitchenware, etc.)


I finished the "Clothes" category and 5 leaf bags to Goodwill later, my drawers are clutter-free, and all my clothes neatly rolled, in rows of current season tees, pants, shirts, and delicates! Color-coded, too -- my already in place habit, for easy And since they are all in neatly sectioned containers, it was a breeze packing for my vacation last month! I just lifted each section and stacked one atop the other in my suitcase. Then all I had to do was lift the sections out of the suitcase and into the dresser drawers at the condo! So nifty to have neatly ordered vacation clothes just like at home!





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