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Good friends, good food, great music, and meaningful conversation – it happens at YOUR house. Yes, I said your house.


Don’t think you have time to entertain? ‘Think you have to be a gourmet cook or model homemaker? Let me tell you something. People don’t come to your home because of your cooking or your housekeeping. They’re far too busy for that. People don't go to the trouble to throw off their sweats, run a brush through their hair, splash on makeup, or buzz a razor through their beard because of either of those things. They do all that because something about YOU makes them want to.

And you don’t have to be a gourmet cook.  Today, simple is elegant. And it's all about "Charcuterie." 

The Charcuterie -- Retro 60s with a Twist

Entertaining in the 60s was all about the Cheese Ball. Every shirtwaisted, high heeled, Chanel No. 5 hostess showed off her hospitality skills with the latest take on the cream cheese concoction.  Surrounded by Club Crackers and sliced Cheddar and American Cheese, it was simple, yet chic.

Today the cheese ball has taken on a new role as an option on the sophisticated "Charcuterie Board" -- a delightfully arranged assortment of cheese, fruit, breads, and crackers displayed on conventional cheese trays as well as unconventional boards of all kinds. It's entertainment made easy, as there is no cooking required -- unless desired, as in the example here -- a Fall Harvest Pie Charcuterie, featuring an assortment of baked tarts and pies.

Use your imagination and create fun fare!

Custom Charcuterie/Butcher Boards make Great Holiday Gifts! Check Out the Craftsmanship Below. (FB Message JD Donahue (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) for Pricing and Product Info.)



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