Cool Summer Strawberry Throwdown Menu (click on pic and print)

Cool Summer Throwdown" 


- Strawberry, Chicken, & Avocado Salad

- Poppyseed Dressing

- Crusty Bread

- Assorted Pints of Ice Cream with Ganache 

Strawberry Throwdown Salad.png

Summer is the time we look forward to gathering! What's better than fresh cut grass, running through the sprinkler, sweet tea and fireflies?!

But it still takes planning and a little effort to gather folks, with limited prep time, full time lives, and forty things bubbling on the back burner of every invited guest!

Instead of every guest sweating in their kitchens to bring a dish, why not bring an ingredient and throw it all together for a Cool Summer "Throwdown" Summer Menu?


Pull together ingredients for a Garden Salad Bar.Or my gift this month:

Cool Throwdown Strawberry Salad Summer Menu.


Here's how it works:


Deside on a somple menu. Circulate to your guests and ask them to sign on to bring an ingredient.


As host/hostess, provide the basics; lettuce, dressing, and beverage. For a salad meal, infused waters are refreshing and always a hit.When guests arrive, assemble a team to assemble and serve.


One and Done!

A Take-home for Every Guest

Print menu on cardstock, attach a ribbon to the top. and give Recipe Card to every guest to take home. You might also tie to a package of wrapped cookies, if you choose.




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