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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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The Beauty of Transforming

It may sound strange, but at seventy I am finally focused on the healing and transforming of my body. Up until now, it has been hit-or-miss. Or, more often than not, patch and go. What changed has nothing to do with looking into the mirror and bemoaning another year uncomfortable in beachwear or hoping to knock the socks off some emotionally secure, financially stable, attractive gentleman. Not that I have met one of those in the last couple of decades, but even if I had, work is my modus operandi, not flirtation, but I digress. No, apparently it takes more to get me motivated. At this season my motive has to do more with being fit and strong and ready to partner with Jesus for the final harvest the world is ripe and primed for. 

Yes, I do believe we are in the last days. But, as Gloria Copeland says, if not the last days, they are certainly our last days, however many there may be. Whether you are twenty or ninety, the clock starts ticking the day you're born, and however long your days are, they are brief compared to eternity. Making the most of them is to have a "last days" mindset. I admit, I have been asleep for a decade or more, just working and paying the bills in dead-end jobs, most of which served a worldview instead of a Kingdom view model of people management. I sometimes allowed that fear-based, beat-down, bullying brand of management style to paint my emotional outlook. In fact, on a couple of occasions, it almost killed me. But the worst was, that after recovering from one surgery, sciatic episode, or depression after the other, the end result was survival; the worst kind of existence. Just going through the motions with the hope of no more than just going through the motions. Is it any wonder that many people give up and simply move to heaven at this age? Friend, it ought not be so.

Every season of every decade should be the most beautiful season of life. ". . . from glory to glory," (2 Cor. 3:18) as the Word says. If it is not, we are doing something wrong. If today isn't all about Jesus and becoming a beautiful, transformed, strong, wise, and capable partner in the earth, then our focus is skewed. And probably selfish; "Self-care;" isn't that the mantra we often hear? Well, the "self-care" I am talking about is not me-focused. It is, He-focused. Now more than ever I want to become that transformed fully engaged woman of wisdom Christ needs and is calling for the last great revival. Untold millions of newborn baby Christians are about to spill out all over the earth and we need to be strong and fit enough to raise them!  After all, isn't this what we've been praying for? Why would we spend decades on our knees praying for the generation that will see Jesus return and leave them in the lurch? Wisdom is hard-earned and it takes time. At the pace this world is declining, they may not have time. They need what we paid for in time, blood, sweat, and tears. They will need more fortitude than we ever did. They will be the revolutionaries, the world-changers, and possibly even the martyrs that usher in the coming of the New Jerusalem. They need the strength and wisdom of the ages. They need us.

I'm signing up. How about you?

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