Virginia Beach
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Welcome, Ransomed Beauty!

We are a community of women who are here for each other -- who celebrate one another's successes and cheer one another on in their endeavors to live like Jesus in their home life, in the marketplace, and in the community.  We are Ambassadors for the Beauty of Christ and His Ransomed Bride. We get up and dress up and greet the world each day as shining examples of Love to a hurting world, desperate for hope. Our mission is to invite the hurting and other women who have become  "slaves" to the superficial culture of beauty by performance and striving for perfection into the culture of "You're a new creation -- absolutely perfect in Christ." We are women of all ages and life stages who have experienced life, love, success, and the accolades that accompany it. And we are the wise and bold who have faced rejection, betrayal, and defeat and learned to laugh in the face of it. We are a culture of women who celebrate progress, and laugh at adversity. We are women; fierce, yet feminine, bold and brave, yet beautiful, strong yet gentle. We are the Rescued, Ransomed Bride of Christ. And a wild-at-heart Bridegroom is crazy head-over-heels in love with every one of us. And you are invited to join us.