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Welcome Ransomed Beauty

​I heard a preacher once say, "Your biggest problem is the one you're here to solve."  My lifelong struggle has been a genetic predisposition to be overweight. I've hated my body and every well-meaning friend who had the "answer.' Not. Well, friend, the answer is here, and it's been here all along. Despite what you've been told, there is not one earth-cursed condition Jesus failed to take to the cross. Jesus is the Bridegroom and Savior of the body, and He wants to take the lead in perfecting us, spirit, soul, AND body. The journey begins by first accepting and loving my body right now. Not because it performs the way I'd like it to or looks like I want it to, but because the spirit of the living God dwells in it. And a wild-at-heart Bridegroom is crazy head-over-heels in love with you and me. Right now. Join me on a supernatural journey of this Ransomed Beauty, Rescued Bride! It's going to be epic!