Absolutely Perfect.

The heavy, even sound of her heels striking the wooden stage drew every head forward.


“May I have your attention, please?” It was a command, more than an invitation, her hands gripping both sides of the podium.  

“Ladies, I’ve been handed a message…” She paused, peeking intently over her horn-rimmed glasses. A chilly silence rippled through the room. Every mouth shut tight, every eye locked on her site.


"A very serious and important message," she continued, "... from God! "


Some chuckled as they realized they'd been had. Her stern expression gave way to a mischievous grin as she continued.


"Are you ready? Here it is: You.  Are.  Absolutely. Perfect!"

A warm wave of joy rolled through the room like the at ocean sunrise. Some laughed. Some burst into tears, others choked them back, but none could easily swallow such strange, kind words. And yet they were the very words every woman in the room was –and is – waiting for.


Hello, I’m Lynn. I’ll bet you’d like to hear the rest of that message. It changed my life, and I’m hoping it will change yours.

I am gathering a tribe of women who know, need to know, and want to tell others that there is a way to live loved, live beautiful, and live absolutely perfect like the beautiful Bride Jesus paid for every woman to be. 


If those words struck a chord in you, you’ll be happy here. Join us as we explore the heights and depths of this great Lover of our soul, this Jesus, who promised us “beauty for ashes” -- Who paid the ultimate price to release the chains of size-whatever, social status-whatever, job-whatever, and whatever or whomever has enslaved us with a false identity. Chiding us to compare ourselves with elusive idol of perfection none of us can achieve. I’m here to tell you that your identity is not the magazine model, the TV celebrity, or even the woman from Proverbs 31.

It’s time you know there is only one you. Only YOU are perfectly you. And YOU are absolutely perfect. Cherished.  And engaged to a King who is enamored with and absolutely captivated by you. And Who wants YOU and me to know it.

Don’t believe it? Hang here a while and I promise you’ll get there. We’ll read good books, discuss great art, learn to entertain with elegance and ease, around a table with great friends and meaningful conversation. We’ll take care of our health, speak life over our bodies, our children, our spouses, and even our puppy dogs. (Yes, I said that).

We’ll become grateful for the blessings we have and reach for those promises we know are out there for us. We’ll encourage each other,  We'll be Dream Whisperers for each other, reminding everyone that, no, it’s not too late. Yes, sometimes we made mistakes, but they don’t define us, and no, they won’t keep us from our destiny – if only we can believe.

We’ll share our secrets with each other on making home the place our families and friends want to gather. We’ll pioneer the outermost limits of our journey on the wild side with the true Dream Whisperer, Himself, as he unfolds impossible ideas and visions for us to catch, if we dare.

And we’ll learn to give ourselves unconditionally into the relationships in our lives, without losing ourselves in the process.

Join me each every month with some new idea to explore or old thought to ponder. I’ll be looking for you!



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